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Direct to Fan is a business model mainly used by independent musicians, independent music labels, music marketing professionals, promoters, and others in the music industry. Direct-to-Fan is also becoming a model used by the broad definition of artists, including comedians, visual artists, and other entertainers looking to build and leverage a fan community throughout their career. This business model can also be applied to all types of Digital Media as well, including How to Videos, Website Templates, Plugins, PHP Scripts and codes, e-books, forms, images, and other digital content made available for download or streaming video.

The Direct to Fan system bypasses the traditional major record label business model that historically controlled radio, venue, and distribution channels.  Direct to Fan lets the artist, or the management team that supports that artist, create interest in their music directly with their fans, identify those fans, market directly to and develop relationships with those fans, sell directly to fans and monetize those relationships, and use those relationships to expand their fan base. One very important component to the Direct to Fan business model is the ability to collect data on your fans | customers including name. address, email, telephone number and other demographics needed to build a marketing campaign geared specifically to the artists following based upon prior purchases.

Base components of this model include music discovery sites, and Direct-to-Fan music sales, marketing, and business solutions. Direct to Fan models encourage engaging directly between the artist and their fans, keeping the fans engaged, knowing who they are, building the artist’s brand, and developing the artist to fan relationship over time.

Direct to Fan Tools

Some tools supporting Direct to Fan include: Storefronts to sell direct-to-fan on Band Websites and on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, Widget tools to embed sales, gig or event calendar, profile info anywhere including blogs, Marketing tools such as email marketing and messaging, Event tools, Central Content Management tools, and Central Catalog Management tools for both digital and physical products.

Websites like Direct To Fan allow artists and digital media producers to sell directly to their fans or customers from their own website without having to leave the page to process credit card payments, thus allowing the buyer to continue to navigate the artists website and participate in other offers or announcements.  An example of a traditional Direct to Fan solution would have online storefronts for their official band websites, Facebook, blogs, etc.

Marketing solutions for email marketing, fan capture, fan messaging, and fan management; Label services including digital distribution to iTunes, Amazon, and other retail sites, CD and DVD manufacturing, custom merchandise, print services, graphic design and web services, warehousing and fulfillment, back-end eCommerce and payment processing. Having full access to your fan’s information for future marketing offers has become the standard, although companies like iTunes and Amazon do not offer full demographics and contact information for the artists sales. Direct to Fa is a  ” Full Service Digital Sales Platform ” that offers full access to the customer data base, each artist | seller owns their buyers information and can track sales in the secure dashboard system that is included with all seller accounts. 

  • Band website and storefronts
  • CD/DVD manufacturing
  • Digital music distribution
  • Download cards
  • E-Tickets & Mobile-Tickets
  • Fan email marketing and messaging
  • Fan marketing solutions
  • Merchandise
  • Music discovery
  • Music festival submissions
  • Payment processing
  • Physical warehousing and fulfillment
  • Poster and print services
  • Storefronts
  • Pre-sale ticket and album options
  • Integration of social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Fan-funding capabilities
  • Sell Digital Media
  • Sell Digital Goods

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